Madden 23: Early Access Now Open Madden 23: Early Access Now Open

Madden 23: Early Access Now Open

Aug 16, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

Madden 23 is just around the corner, and the NFL preseason is gradually kicking off. Just today, Madden 23 opened early access as scheduled, players who pre-ordered the All-Madden Edition, and players who subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play will be able to explore new game modes and gameplay in advance and build an unique Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23's official release date is August 19, and Early Access means more playtime. EA Play members have a 10-hour early access, and players who pre-order the All-Madden Editon can play it for three days.

Getting to Madden 23 early to take part in more MUT challenges will result in a very impressive reward of MUT 23 Coins. The difficulty of these challenges is divided into stars, the higher the difficulty, the more gold coins you will get:

1. 23 For You! - 400 Coins

Gain 23 yards on the drive. Bonus objectives include doing it in no more than five plays and rushing for at least 10 yards.

2. Winning It All

Score a touchdown. Bonus objectives include making it a passing touchdown and getting 5+ rushing yards.

3. Dr. Jekyll?

Don't allow a passing touchdown. Bonus objectives include not allowing any touchdown at all and not allowing more than 23 rushing yards

4. 12 And 23

Gain 23+ passing yards in six plays or fewer. Bonus objectives include gaining the required yards in four plays or fewer and completing a pass in two different plays.

5. Going The Distance

Score 3+ points on the drive. Bonus objectives include passing for 23+ yards and rushing for 10+ yards.

6. Veintitres

Get a first down and score a touchdown on the same drive. Bonus objectives include gaining 5+ yards on your first play and rushing for 5+ yards total.

7. 23 MPH

Score a rushing touchdown. Bonus objectives include rushing for 23+ yards in six plays or fewer and getting two or more first downs.

8. Stop The Offense!

Don't allow a touchdown. Bonus objectives include not allowing more than 23 yards and not allowing any passing yards on the first play.

9. 23 Years In The Making

Score a touchdown. Bonus objectives include passing for 60+ yards total and passing for 20+ yards in three plays.

10. The Early Bird Special

Win the game. Bonus objectives include scoring 7+ points and not allowing the opponent to score a touchdown.

Completing the above challenges will give you a certain amount of MUT 23 Coins, which will help you build a stronger team and have more fun in various competitions. If you need more, Buy MUT 23 Coins on UTNICE is the best choice, you can place your order here anytime, enjoy the low price, fast delivery and perfect service.

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