FIFA 23: Brand New Updates of Game AI FIFA 23: Brand New Updates of Game AI

FIFA 23: Brand New Updates of Game AI

Sep 03, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

Today we're talking about the things that will be better in FIFA 23 based on what EA has revealed so far. FIFA 23 will be getting some CPU AI improvements, which should be good for career mode basically. On the notes EA said that their efforts to improve the match experience against the CPU continue, so tactical awareness CPU AI opponents can now better react to on-pitch situations. There is a tactical updating as well, their formation and their playing style during the match this will be good in career mode, because sometimes the teams don't make the right decisions when they're goals down, and this should improve that. The AI will analyze the match difficulty, match time and the players available on the bench like a real manager.

The CPU will also take into account the preferred positions of their players outside of their main role, so that definitely sounds good. We expect that this will have a significant impact on matches you play against the AI in career mode and ultimate team, like the CPU might bring on more attacking players if they need to score changing to a more offensive formation. Thus, the CPU tactics might become more aggressive, which is definitely needed now. The AI can be more willing to commit riskier fouls crosses and counter-attacks, that sounds good.

I realized that the AI was less rely on backwards dribbles, which you can make more use of the sidelines and generally smoother dribbling transitions. AI is more likely to rely less on first time passing, that's can be a good new play style for teams, teams can now focus on more aspects of defending, but play more conservatively.

There are also some updates in FIFA 23 better than 22, Player-based difficulty now works on legendary and ultimate difficulty, it does sound interesting, all the CPU AI updates should make it more realistic when you're playing career mode and stuff. On the other hand you can have playable highlights now in manager career mode plus player career mode, it says EA is looking to give you more control over how much attention time, and focus you invest in each part of the season one match at a time. This is why we're introducing a new format that is specific to career mode, called playable highlights. In playable highlights you take control of key moments in matches, in an attempt to define their outcomes, specifically handling close calls that impact the score sheet.

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