Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League

Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League

May 14, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

As the Team of the Season event commences, players in EA FC 24 are gearing up to push their limits and climb to higher ranks. To succeed, it's imperative to shed bad habits and rectify mistakes. In this guide, we'll highlight 4 critical errors you may have been making and provide easy solutions to fix them.

Avoid Making These Mistakes During EA FC 24 TOTS Weekend League

Push Defenders Out Of Position

Heading into the discussion of pushing Defenders out of position, let's address a critical mistake in defense: pulling Defenders out of their positions. When you recklessly push out with your wing back, you create an open space that the Winger can exploit, potentially leaving your defense vulnerable. It's essential to recognize when you could have defended a dribbler with your Midfielder instead of breaking the defensive shape.

While it may seem tempting to confront the opponent by bringing your Defender closer and standing in front of them, it's a high-risk move, especially if the Defender is the last line of defense. A simple pass can exploit the gap created, leading to a conceded goal. To avoid this, assess the situation and consider if you have a Midfielder available to defend. If not, maintain a safe distance from the attacker and use the jockey button to stand firm.

By staying disciplined and not rushing out for a challenge, prevent the opponent from exploiting the man's advantage. Instead, you can anticipate the pass and position yourself to intercept or mark potential receivers. By analyzing the situation and moving the Defender back without breaking the defensive shape, you can effectively cover the potential threat.

In contrast, when the opponent carelessly pushes forward, it gives you an advantage. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, focus on defending strategically, anticipating the opponent's moves and positioning the Defender to mitigate the threat effectively. This disciplined approach minimizes the opponent's chances and enhances the team's defensive solidity.

Pay Attention To The Defender

One of the most common mistakes is failing to pay attention to the selected Defender. If you overlook their defensive intentions, you risk losing possession easily. It's crucial to monitor them and avoid forcing plays in the direction they're defending. Even if you believe they're covering one side, you must stay focused because their intentions can change rapidly. By neglecting to observe and react, they'll gain the upper hand with each touch on the ball.

You need to recognize the FC 24 Player with the icon above their head and anticipate their next move. For instance, when preparing to pass, you notice that the opponent has selected a Defender in front of us. As the ball travels, we need to keep an eye on them. Seeing that they persist in defending with the player rather than switching, you can anticipate a defensive challenge because of the acceleration.

EA FC 24 Jockey

Instead of advancing the ball, which would lead to interception, pull it back, evade the challenge, and create space ahead. As you push the ball forward, the opponent switches to a new Defender, advancing step by step. Anticipating either a tackle or jockeying, retract the ball again, exploit the failed tackle, and easily bypass them to score. Outplaying the opponent's anticipation becomes effortless when you're confident in your approach.

Understand The Intention Of Opponent

Understanding the opponent’s intention of attacking is one of the best traits you can learn. Instead of throwing your Defenders to random spots. So, observe the opposition's body language, use early player switches, and cover potential targets without breaking your shape.

Consider this example: You find space behind the defensive line and is about to enter the box. The opponent covers both passing lanes towards the Striker and controls the running lane. He should look out for the third option: passing the ball back. Instead, he ignores it, pushes towards the line with the selected Defender, and with 2 passes, you can score a goal.

Another example: if you defend one area well, the opponent will switch direction intentionally. After a side pass, understand the shift towards the other side. Spot the next passing stations and switch to either Defender there. Failure to anticipate will result in conceding a goal. You can use early and efficient player switches, controlling the closest Defender to potential targets.

Factors like the direction the opposite player faces or controls the ball serve as indicators of the game's direction. Once you see a side-switching pattern towards the left, you can take the Winger from the center towards the wing. By knowing the game's direction, you deny the pass, creating a man's advantage and getting the ball back.

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