Details You Can Not Miss on NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season Three Details You Can Not Miss on NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season Three

Details You Can Not Miss on NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season Three

Dec 05, 2022 Source: UTNICE More News

Season Three in NBA 2K23 MyTeam is said to offer up all-new rewards, including Free Agent Damian Lillard as the Level 1 reward for simply entering the Season menu, and Trae Young as the mode's first Galaxy Opal Level 40 reward of the year. Additionally, for the first time in 2K23, Beyond Level 40 has returned with more agendas and opportunities for players to further improve their teams. There is said to be a second player available through the Beyond Level 40 agenda groups, but players are urged to focus on earning Trae Young in the meantime as more details on this mystery player will be revealed later on in the season.

Delving deeper into the rewards up for grabs in Season 3, all five of the existing 99 Star Domination Rewards are said to have received Evolution updates. Amethyst Julius Randle, Diamond Mitch Richmond, Diamond Mike Bibby, Diamond Bill Walton and Pink Diamond John Havlicek will become more powerful through increased attributes and badges by meeting their evolution requirements.

Details You Can Not Miss on NBA 2K23 MyTeam Season Threeng

For those who have collected the entire Eastern or Western Conference's Trophy Case, the first Dark Matter players have hit the court in MyTeam, as 99 overall Tim Duncan and Julius Erving with tons of NBA 2K23 MT are now available. In Season 3, 15 more Centerpieces and other rare Trophy Case event cards will become available, allowing for the most dedicated community members to add Dark Matter Larry Bird to their collection.

Moving on to the updates that have been made in MyTeam for Season 3, the Ascension board in the Draft mode is said to have been updated with a new aesthetic with a neon-infused look across all three levels. This update is not only going to show up in Draft, but also the Ascension picks earned from Season Level Rewards. Starting in Season 3, the position packs in Draft have now been updated to contain cards from a single gem color, making players' preferences the most important factor in selecting players for their lineups. Each card can still be flipped to view attributes and badges before selecting, so choose wisely. To maintain balance across all drafts, each position pack will contain a unique gem color. Additionally, reward player cards will now be available to select from the position packs in addition to the latest card releases.

Lastly, the 3.0 patch for NBA 2K23 is said to have included an update that has removed the ability to use Position Lock in Unlimited multiplayer games due to "anti-competitive trends impacting the wider experience of Unlimited players." Players will still be able to compete in other multiplayer and single-player modes with Position Lock enabled, but going forward they will need to use Team Control while competing in Unlimited.

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