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  • FIFA 22: How to complete the Marquee Matchups SBC?

    Feb 25, 2022

    EA Sports added a new set of Marquee Matchups to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, which you can complete by visiting the game's Squad Building Challenge (SBC) menu.

    Marquee Matchups are weekly challenges based on real football key matches. EA selects some matches and creates SBCs to reward players with tradable FUT packs. This week, players will be rewarded with Future Star Tokens from the first challenge. This type of SBC is different from a special player item. In addition to the well-known minimum scores and chemistry, each squad needs to meet a different set of conditions. For example, some of these SBCs require players from specific leagues or clubs.

    Each solution also offers different rewards, from small mixed player packs to premium electronic player packs. You have until next Thursday 3 March to complete four teams:

    * AZ vs Feyenoord

    * Sevilla vs Betis

    * Lazio vs Napoli

    * Chelsea vs Liverpool

    For example, the AZ vs. Feyenoord team requires a series of conditions to be met. You need to turn in a team with a rating of 75, a minimum of 70 chemistry plus a rare card, a maximum of four players from the same country, at least four different leagues, and one player from the Eredivisie player. Whoever completes it will be rewarded with the Gold Player Pack. In addition to the official rewards, EA will also grant you a Gold Player Pack as a reward for completing all four SBCs. Even if you build all SBCs from scratch, you will spend around 39,150 to 54,150 FIFA 22 Coins in total for each part. According to a website specializing in FIFA content, this is currently the cheapest solution to complete the February 24 Marquee Matchups. However, this is still a large number for most players. To make your game progress and complete relatively smoothly, UTnice still adheres to the concept of serving players, providing you with safer and cheaper FUT 22 Coins hoping to help you level up and get better.

  • Madden 22: How To Throw All Passes and Catch?

    Aug 30, 2021

    The passing game is important in Madden series, Madden 22 is no exception. Whether you are in MUT or Franchise Mode, passing will be very important, especially when there are so many elite gunslinger QBs and many receivers who are extremely talented. In Madden 22, knowing how to pass and catch are important.

    How to throw?

    When you drop back to pass, press the button that matches the receiver icon you want to throw. Various situations will affect the accuracy, including throwing on the run, throwing across your body, and throwing under pressure. Your quarterback's statistics in these categories will determine how accurate his passing is in this situation. So you spend a lot of Madden 22 Coins to get an excellent QB is wise.

    * Bullet pass: Hold the receiver icon. It is a lighting-fast pass made to the receiver, which is ideal for throwing to receivers in tight windows.

    * Lob pass: Tap the receiver icon. Throw a lob pass that hangs in the air longer than a normal pass. 

    * Touch pass: Press the receiver. Your standard pass.

    * High pass: Hold L1 or LB then press receiver icon. Ideal for throwing to taller receivers that can go up and get the ball over shorter defenders.

    * Low pass: Hold L2 or LT then press receiver icon. Ideal for throwing to shorter, faster receivers with defenders behind them.

    * Pump fake: Double-tap the receiver icon. Fake a pass to the targeted receiver, potentially forcing the defender to bite and freeing up the receiver.

    * Throw away: R3 or RS (click the right stick): Throw the ball out of bounds to avoid a sack or a dangerous throw.

    How to catch?

    Catching is simpler than passing, and the receiver has three options.

    * Possession catch: X or A. The safest catch option, focusing on securing the ball and getting down. Ideal for throwing into tight windows between defenders or near the out-of-bounds line.

    Use this to avoid losing the ball to a big hit from a defender.

    * Aggressive catch: Triangle or Y. When both the receiver and the defender have a good shot at catching the ball, use the Aggressive catch to give yourself an edge. Better protects yourself from losing the ball to an interception.

    * Run After Catch: Square or X. Ideal for receivers with lots of room ahead of them to continue running after making the catch.

    These are the guides on throw passes and catch. For more news about Madden 22, you can check them out on UTNICE.

    As for getting some excellent player cards, you need to come to UTNICE to buy Madden 22 Coins first, because Madden 22 is currently underway and UTNICE has also launched many discounts. In addition, we also cooperate with some YouTubers, if you are one of their followers, you can buy MUT 22 Coins with the codes, and you will be able to get cheap Madden 22 Coins.

  • FIFA 22: Who Will Be The Best Midfielders?

    Aug 04, 2021

    In the team, a strong set of midfielders can determine the pace of the game and constantly create opportunities for your goal scorers, so before the release of FIFA 22, you need to know about which players are worthy of being selected.

    FIFA 22 will be released in October 2021, and the Ultimate Team mode around the game has a lot of excitement. As always, this allows gamers to customize and create dreams.

    Although passing, defending, attacking and overall tactics are all key skills in this mode, the players in the team are always one of the most important factors in winning the game. UTNICE will list some outstanding midfielders for you to choose from at the beginning of FIFA 22.

    Best midfielders in FIFA 22

    Midfielders largely depend on their role in the team and whether they are responsible for attacking or defensive play. Finding the perfect midfield player for your team will depend on the team's formation.

    Best meta midfielders predictions

    When FIFA 22 is released, a set of top midfielders will cost you a lot of FUT 22 Coins, but if you want to compete with the best players, it's worth it.

    Fastest midfielders predictions

    Although the pace is usually the stat players look for in strikers and wingers, it is also very useful for midfielders. This is crucial when attacking a midfielder that wants to move forward and create opportunities for the team.

    If you are a Madden 22 player, it is necessary to know the best players in each position. This can help you quickly form a perfect team, and different formations have different needs for players. UTNICE will also update more FIFA 22 guides and provide cheap FUT 22 Coins.

    Once FIFA 22 is released, you can come to UTNICE to buy FUT 22 Coins to quickly gain a dominant position, because sufficient FUT 22 Coins can give you a chance to get great players.

  • Madden 22: Is Home Field Advantage Too Much?

    Jul 21, 2021

    Madden 22 will provide a gameplay advantage for the home team, and all 32 teams will have a different and unique home-field advantage in the game, adding fun and definitely a more realistic twist to the game. But will this affect the overall development of the game? UTNICE will give a specific analysis.

    If the Green Bay Packers play against Chicago Bear at Soldier Field in Madden 22, the Packers’ kicker meter will move slightly faster. This shows that it is hard for kickers who play in the Windy City, so as long as you are the home team of the Chicago Bears, the meter of the away team will move faster.

    On the other hand, if you play as the Chicago Bears against Packers at Lambeau Field, then Packers will have an advantage, the home team will get more momentum and the away team will get less. The away team will fatigue faster and it will have a harder time to change direction.

    In the real-life NFL, the home team does have an advantage, that is, it can play in front of their home crowd on their own turf. In the past in Madden, there was no advantage to playing games at home because the crowd would react to certain games. So, adding home advantage is an interesting aspect now, but fans do not want these advantages to become too obvious, especially in matches.

    The new addition of Madden 22 is good, which makes the game closer to reality, but the premise is not to go too far. Because if these advantages are slight, then the game will be fun. If these advantages are too great or even decisive, then EA needs to reconsider them.

    Another influencing factor is playing online. Because everyone wants to play at home, so this seems to affect some players.

    If you don’t have next-gen consoles, you don’t have to worry about these new advantages. Home Field Advantage is part of the new features of Dynamic Gameday, this feature is only available for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 version of Madden 22.

    Madden 22 is coming soon, so Madden fans will be excited about it again. For more Madden 22 news, you can continue to follow UTNICE. In addition, you can also find cheap MUT 22 Coins on UTNICE, because UTNICE will always hold discount events. As long as you are lucky enough, you can buy MUT 22 Coins at a low price. There are more discount events that you can know about, just to follow the UTNICE Twitter account first.

  • FIFA 22 Leaks: Gameplay Mechanic Will Be Nerfed

    Jun 30, 2021

    FIFA 22 should appear in September this year, and there is news that a powerful skill move will be nerfed. As always, as the game is released every year, fans are most concerned about the gameplay changes, because if Madden 22 does not introduce some new content, it will be no different from FIFA 21.

    In FIFA 22, the Ultimate Team game mode is very popular, and the player ratings are also very attractive. Players are always trying to find out the meta skills in the game. Developer EA Sports also noticed this and tried to nerf these skills in FIFA 22.

    Directional Nutmegs will be nerfed in FIFA 22

    Directional nutmegs are a good skill, but because it is too great to suffer some complaints from gamers. It is unrealistic because you can use them in any situation. Based on this, there has recently been news that it will be nerfed in FIFA 22, and it will not be overpowered.

    This is good news, because any skill move should not be invincible, which may make players try to adapt and find a new meta as soon as possible.

    There is no doubt that this is a very good change, but FIFA is typical for having overpowered mechanics and you may easily find the next mechanic to exploit in FIFA 22.

    In addition to the game mechanics, another gamer concerned is the cover star. This player looks like it should excite a lot of people. With the development of the game, some news will be leaked one after another, and UTNICE will also provide you with these updates in time.

    Once FIFA 22 is released, you can also buy FUT 22 Coins from UTNICE to ensure your gaming experience, and UTNICE will provide some discounts from time to time. If you are lucky enough, you can buy cheaper FUT 22 Coins here. If you Don't want to miss more discount information, you can follow UTNICE official account.

  • Is FIFA 22 Cross-Platform?

    Jun 26, 2021

    The UEFA European Championship is in full swing, and many football fans are also excited. And recently, many fans all over the world are excited about FIFA 22 released in September. They want to know if this is a cross-platform game.

    This will be the first FIFA after the release of the new generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series), so fans will have a lot of expectations. This is arguably the best football game. Their only competitor is Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. This game was very successful 10 years ago, but since then, FIFA has become more and more popular.

    One thing FIFA has never done is to allow gamers to play games on different consoles, that is, Playstation users cannot compete with Xbox users. This is what many other games perform and what fans want and enjoy.

    Currently, whether EA will integrate cross-platform games into FIFA 22 has not been confirmed.

    FIFA 21 does not support cross-platform, even after the release of the new generation of consoles, this also means that fans may still not be able to cross-play in FIFA 22.

    Even in the e-sports world, gamers compete on different consoles, Xbox and Playstation also have different competitions. Normally, more details will be released in the summer, so at that time we will know more specific information and whether it will be cross-platform.

    This may not be a priority for EA Sports, because this game is more successful without cross-play. They will focus on more important gameplay and new ideas to ensure that fans remain interested in the game.

    UTNICE will continue to track FIFA 22 related news. Once FIFA 22 is released, you can come to UTNICE to buy FUT 22 Coins.

    But for now, fans can only focus on FIFA 21. If you need FUT 21 Coins, come to UTNICE is also a good choice. UTNICE always launches many discount activities, so if you can seize the opportunity, you can always buy cheap FUT Coins.

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