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  • FIFA 22: How To Complete Lucas Paqueta's Moments SBC?

    Jan 24, 2022

    A Lucas Paqueta Squad Building Challenge is already available in FUT 22, bringing gamers a new lineup card. Paqueta's new card has a major upgrade over his previous item, and it's worth your while to unlock it. UTNICE will show you how to get his Moments SBC and add this card to your roster.

    Lucas Paqueta card attributes

    Moments SBC items in FUT 22 celebrate a player's career highlight Lucas Paqueta Moments SBC is a tribute to his goal against Clermont in Ligue 1 this past season. Then his OVR increased from 81 OVR on the standard card to 88 OVR.

    This includes 91s for Reaction, Ball Control, Agility, and Stamina and 85 Sprint Speed. You can upgrade these with specific Chemistry to further boost the card.

    How to complete Paqueta’s Moment SBC?

    To complete Paqueta's Moments card, this requires 3 different squads, each with different requirements and rewards:

    * Brazil Squad: you need at least one Brazil player on the team and at least one TOTW player. Additionally, the squad must hit 84 OVR, and have at least a 60 Team Chemistry. Complete the squad brings a Premium Mixed Players Pack.

    * Ligue 1 squad: It requires at least one Ligue 1 Uber Eats player and at least one TOTW player. OVR should be at least 85 and a minimum of 55 in Team Chemistry. Complete this squad will give you a Prime Mixed Players Pack.

    * An 86-Rated Squad: it needs an overall rating of at least 86, and a Team Chemistry of at least 50, after completing this, you will get a Rare Mixed Players Pack.

    Once you complete all those, you will get the Paqueta player card. Be aware that such SBCs are generally worth about 240,000 FIFA 22 Coins.

    The best Chemistry for this card seems to be Shadow, which will improve his Pace and Defending.

  • FIFA 22: FUT Freeze Leak Reveals Full Squad

    Dec 07, 2021

    A FUT Freeze leak may reveal the full promotional squad before one of the biggest events on the Ultimate Team Calendar.

    FUT Freeze replaced FUTMAS and became an annual winter-themed promotion. In addition, this promotion borrowed from the previous theme of FUT Birthday and Shapeshifters by providing players with new positions to develop squad building. This was one of the most popular games last season, bringing in a striker Allan Saint-Maximin, left-back Adama Traore, and more.

    A large number of leaks on social media not only exposed the promotional squad but also exposed the Squad Building Challenge item. UTNICE has collected some details.

    Details the promo team in packs:

    * Alexis Claude Maurice - OGC Nice

    * Angel Correa - Atletico Madrid

    * Alejandro Gomez - Sevilla

    * Gabriel Jesus - Manchester City

    * Jules Kounde - Sevilla

    * Kevin Mbabu - VfL Wolfsburg

    * Roberto Pereyra - Udinese

    * Marcus Rashford - Manchester United

    * Nico Schulz - Borussia Dortmund

    * Adama Traore - Wolverhampton Wanderers

    * Federico Valverde - Real Madrid

    According to more leaks, Christian Pulisic will be an SBC during the promotion. Although FIFA 22 will announce the players, the specific items are still a secret. You can speculate about the positions and upgrades these players might get. For example, Rashford, as a left midfielder, is likely to get a central item.

    FUT Freeze is expected to start on December 10th, but we don’t know how long it will last. UTNICE will always follow the latest news and will always provide cheap FIFA 22 Coins, you can buy FIFA 22 Coins from UTNICE to make it easier for you to get the players you like. After all, every gamer wants a perfect squad.

  • FIFA 22: How To Unlock Simon Banza Squad Foundations Card?

    Nov 22, 2021

    A new FIFA 22 SBC featuring Simon Banza is available in the Ultimate Team. To get his new Squad Foundations card, you need to complete the Squad Building Challenge. UTNICE will introduce you to the way to unlock it.

    Simon Banza Squad Foundations Card

    The feature of Ultimate Team is the Squad Building Challenge. You can use specific requirements to build squads to unlock rewards. Simon Banza has attracted much attention recently, so UTNICE will focus on his SBC today.

    Banza is a striker for La Liga Portugal with 88 OVR including:

    Speed: 88

    Acceleration: 88


    Finishing: 92

    Jumping: 92

    Pace: 88


    Dribbling: 85

    Stamina: 79

    In addition, his free-kicks rate is 46, but this card can still improve some rosters.

    How to complete the Simon Banza SBC?

    If you are a PlayStation player, the Squad Foundations card costs approximately 67,000 FIFA 22 Coins. On Xbox, it sells for 75,000 FUT 22 Coins, while on Origin PC, it is worth 70,000 Coins.

    To complete the Simon Banza SBC, you need to gather 2 different squads of players. The first is a Liga Portugal squad. It needs at least one Liga NOS Portugual player, at least one in-form player, with a squad rating of at least 83, the Team Chemistry is at least 75. Combine this squad, you will get a Small Prime Electrum Players Pack.

    The second squad needs a top form squad, and this 11-man squad needs at least one in-form player. The squad rating should be at least 84, and the Team Chemistry is at least 70. After forming this group, you will get a Jumbo Gold Pack.

    Once the two squads are assembled, you will receive the Simon Banza SBC item.

    UTNICE will continue to pay attention to the latest trends, so as to timely share highly discussed topics and some useful game guides. In addition, you can also come to UTNICE to buy FIFA 22 Coins at any time to make your game process smoother.

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