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  • FIFA 22: It’s Time For EA To Bring Back Relegation

    Oct 26, 2021

    EA decided to remove the relegation feature from "Division Rivals" in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. However, just a few weeks after the new game was launched, trapped gamers began to expect it would return. UTNICE has also seen some complaints from fans on the Internet.

    Compared with the previous year, the online modes of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has been greatly improved, making them more suitable for average FIFA players. Both FUT Champions and Division Rivals have been adjusted, and now it takes less time to get valuable packs every week. However, in FIFA 22, the decision to remove the relegation from the Division Rivals is draining the fun of some fans.

    A few years ago, Division Rivals developed a skill rating system where you can move up and down based on the results after each game. The skill rating of FUT users will determine which division they would up in. If it is high enough or low enough, they will be promoted or relegated.

    In FIFA 22, EA uses a ladder system, that is, the player moves up one position each time they win and moves down each time they lose. The developer also added checkpoints at the beginning of each new division so that no matter whether the game is lost continuously or not, it will not slip below the point.

    Although this seems to be a plus for FUT players, because they can no longer drop the lower division after a bad performance, many people said that they are trapped in the high divisions, which prevents them from winning more games and affects the game experience.

    Players lost the fun of playing rivals because they were defeated in every game, this ranking is too high for them. When you are crushed in every game, it is difficult to find fun.

    At the end of each season, the Division Rivals will reset, and each user will be dropped back to Division 10 to start again. But for now, fans are dissatisfied with their inability to secure 7 victories and get rewards because they are stuck in too high a rank.

    We do not yet know whether EA will respond to this, UTNICE will continue to pay attention to it. But before they respond, the gamers can only stay in their current situation. If you still cannot win, you need to try better players, so it is important to have sufficient FIFA 22 Coins, which can ensure a pleasant gaming experience for you. You can come to UTNICE to buy FIFA 22 Coins at any time, because FIFA 22 is now in full swing, UTNICE will also publish the latest discount information on Twitter from time to time, you can choose to follow UTNICE.

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