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  • FIFA 22: How To Pass?

    Sep 23, 2021

    FIFA 22 will be released. Before jumping into the game, UTNICE wants to introduce some game mechanics in advance. FIFA 22 provides three different ways to perform the action. Try these passing abilities, and you will be able to become a shining spot on the court.

    FIFA 22 considers the time you press the button. The longer you hold the button, the harder the ball will be sent.

    * If you want a short pass, just tap the button.

    * If you want a long pass, you need to hold down the button for a long time. A perfect pass requires a lot of practice. In addition, the quality of your passes will depend on your player rating. Players with higher ratings will certainly perform better, but to get good players, you need to prepare a lot of FIFA 22 Coins.

    Ground Pass

    Tap the ‘A’ button (the cross button on the PlayStation) and the ball will move along the grass, transferring from one player to another. Ground pass is quite slow. To speed it up, you can hold the RB button (or R1). Since the player does not have enough time to react, the ball will be more difficult to catch.

    Through Pass

    By pressing the ‘Y’ button (or the triangle button), you can bring the ball to the target player and give them room to run. This is great for moving on the defensive line and staying onside at the same time. However, the ball is also easily caught by the opponent. Holding RB (R1) at the same time can also strengthen this. You can hold LB (L1) while passing to send a high ball.

    Lob Pass

    Using the ‘X’ button (square button), you can volley the ball over the opposing player's head and pass it to your teammate. This requires more practice, and if you can catch it, this is the perfect way to pass and create goal-scoring opportunities. Double-tap the ‘X’ button (square button) to send a low cross or use the RB (R1) thread to make an early cross.

    Fake A Pass

    This can help you get rid of the defenders. Press the ‘X’ button (square button), then press the ‘A’ (cross button), plus a direction to fool your opponent. You can also add a bit of flair by holding the RT (R2) when you initiate the pass.

    As the release time of FIFA 22 approaches, UTNICE will collect more relevant information and provide cheap FIFA 22 Coins. If you are a fan of FIFA, pay more attention to UTNICE and you will be able to get more FUT 22 Coins. If you are lucky enough, you can even catch up with our giveaway on Twitter and get free FUT 22 Coins.

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