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  • All Maradona Cards in FIFA 22 are being removed due to copyright dispute

    Mar 25, 2022

    A lot of players have been discussing in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team community lately what they're seeing: All in-game access to Maradona Cards is gone, and developer EA Sports is removing existing Icon items with Maradona's likeness. There's been a lot of buzz around this, as many players use Maradona as a midfield attacker in their team.

    Since Maradona's death in 2020, his copyright has been in a dispute. That means there's a good chance we won't see the legendary player's card again in future FIFA series games.

    Specific reasons for FIFA 22's removal of Maradona

    Maradona is no longer visible in all of FIFA 22's FUT packs, Squad Building Challenges, and Drafts, as well-known FIFA media confirmed on March 19. Many players are looking forward to his return because they believe the decision made by EA is temporary. Previously, EA used the copyright of Maradona's portrait from his friend and former manager Stefano Ceci. However now Ceci could not confirm his legal powers.

    The currently officially recognized copyright and trademark owner of Maradona belongs to its lawyer, Matías Morla. It is reported that Morla has acquired the ownership of the Maradona brand as early as last August. This is why EA needs to remove all Maradona Icon items now, as the agreement between EA and Stefano Ceci has been confirmed to be void. Of course, those who already have Maradona Cards will still be able to have them, but it's unclear if these cards will be able to appear in FUT matches.

    The biggest concern for players is whether they will be able to get the Maradona card and use it in FIFA 23, and it is not known how long the legal battle over its copyright will last. EA was previously sued over the loot box mechanism, and although EA won that case, the legal battle now seems to have cost them all Maradona rights. Unless they sign a new deal with the real Maradona copyright owner, Matías Morla, there's a chance that this will continue. The removal of the Maradona card means you'll need new Legendary Player cards to fill holes in your squad, and you'll need to stock up on FIFA 22 Coins for that. If this is too difficult for you, welcome to UTnice to buy FIFA 22 Coins, your problem will be solved perfectly.

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