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  • FIFA 22: Will Dani Alves Get A Flashback Card?

    Nov 17, 2021

    Now that Dani Alves has returned to Barcelona, fans are considering the possibility of a Flashback card in Ultimate Team. Because Dani Alves is an iconic player in soccer, fans believe that the Flashback Card is meaningful in multiple seasons.

    After Dani Alves rejoined in Barcelona, UTNICE guessed that the first thing EA Sports will do is to add him to FIFA, but we don't know when they will act. Anyway, this must be the content drop that fans hoped for. The last time he received a Flashback Card was in FIFA 19, when he was a member of Paris Saint-Germain, which was one of the most popular player cards released all year.

    Alves has won 42 trophies in his career, but after joining Sao Paulo Football Club in 2019, he has been absent from FIFA for the past few years. Alves started his career in Bahia in the Brazilian League. He has played in Brazil, Spain, Italy, and France, which shows he is experienced.

    In the Brazilian national team, he won 5 games. He is also an Olympic gold medalist, two-time Confederations Cup champion, two-time Copa America winner. Now returning to Barcelona, Alves hopes to continue his history in this team. He has won the La Liga 6 times and the Champions League 3 times.

    Therefore, his return to Barcelona this time is very exciting for everyone. Players hope that FIFA 22 can move quickly, and UTNICE will also pay attention to his news. If FIFA 22 really adds Dani Alves' flashback card, UTNICE will also update related articles as soon as possible. And the cheap FIFA 22 Coins on UTNICE will also be popular because they can help you get the player card you want without spending too much time and energy, which is what gamers need.

  • FIFA 22: Dani Alves Is Come Back To Barcelona!

    Nov 13, 2021

    Five years after leaving Nou Camp for Juventus, Barcelona has re-signed 38-year-old defender Dani Alves. He has led Barcelona, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain to win Premier League titles. He will transfer freely after the end of the 2012-22 season.

    From 2008 to 2016, the Brazilian international spent 8 years in Barcelona and won the La Liga 6 times. Dani Alves has won the Champions League titles 3 times and won the Copa del Rey 4 times.

    Barcelona announced in a statement on their website that Alves is the greatest right-back in Barcelona's history. And he will soon be involved in training, and the audience will be able to see him on the field in January next year.

    Alves won a total of 23 trophies in his first spell at Barcelona, including 3 FIFA World Cups, 3 Spanish Super Cups, and 4 European Super Cups.

    He won Serie A with Juve in 2016-17 and Ligue 1 with PSG in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

    Alves returned to Brazil in 2019, signed a contract with Sao Paulo, and captained his country to gold at the 2020 Olympics, and the contract with Sao Paulo was terminated in September due to a dispute over unpaid salaries.

    Therefore, his return to Barcelona seems to be welcome, and fans expect him to bring their even greater surprises next year. UTNICE will also continue to pay attention to the latest news of FIFA 22. If you are a FIFA 22 player, you can also pay more attention to UTNICE to get some game-related news and game guides.

    You can also buy FIFA 22 Coins from UTNICE to enhance your advantage in the game, because with sufficient FUT 22 Coins, you can get the player cards you want. As we all know, top players like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are invaluable, but you have more FIFA 22 Coins, which means your chances of getting them to increase.

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