Win The Weekend League With This 4-5-1(2) Formation In EA FC 24 Win The Weekend League With This 4-5-1(2) Formation In EA FC 24

Win The Weekend League With This 4-5-1(2) Formation In EA FC 24

Feb 04, 2024 Source: UTNICE More News

I’ll thoroughly introduce the 4-5-1(2) custom tactics and instructions to ensure you gain more Weekend League victories in EA FC 24. In order to make better use of this formation, it is necessary to maximize the auxiliary role of EA Sports FC 24 Coins. Let’s now delve into this guide together.

Win The Weekend League With This 4-5-1(2) Formation In EA FC 24

Custom Tactics

Defensive Tactics: The Defensive Style needs to be balanced with Width on 42. Then the Depth is on 70. You want to make sure that you have enough press on your opponent, and you can have your auto offside trap in place in-game if you want to.

Offensive Tactics: Your Build-Up Play is to be on Balanced. Your Chance Creation is on Direct Passing. Your Width on 50, your Player in the Box should be on 6, Corners on 2, and Free Kicks on 2. I think that’s the right balance in this formation.

Player Instructions

Where it gets interesting is when you get to the offense. So, your right and your Left Backs should be on overlap. Now, your Left Back can Stay Back while Attacking, and your Right Back can be a balanced attack. Your Right Mid and Left Mid both need to come back in defense and cut inside and Get in the Box for the cross. So, you want to make sure that you play them like 4-3-2-1, so they’re going to join the Striker, cut inside, and also go in.

Also, you are going to have your Right Center Midfielder. You are going to play the forward who can score and who can actually move in the pitch for you nicely. At the same time, your Left Center Midfielder is going to Stay Back while Attacking and Cover Center, and your Middle Center Midfielder is going to Stay Back while Attacking and Cover Center as well.

How It Works

This system works basically is a lot of playing down the Wing with, like Kingsley Coman. From the bright side, when I have Cafú, he can join the attack. I have this opportunity of overload on one side and try to attack off the Wings. This year’s meta, so definitely a lot of attacks off the Wings.

With this formation, you will have always a lot of options to pass and score that will be perfectly done by your players. In defense, because of these 2 players, you are going to have a lot of comfort zone for not conceding Counter Attacks. So, you will have a nice balance between your offense and your defense.

Gameplay Example

Let’s delve into the significance of our Right and Left Midfielders cutting inside, examining key instances during gameplay. For instance, when the ball is passed to our attackers, operating as the Right Midfielder, executes a cut inside maneuver, creating a fantastic scoring opportunity. Despite not converting this chance, the importance of having both Right and Left Midfielders positioned to cut inside becomes evident.

This strategic approach facilitates the creation of dynamic attacking triangles and providing easier access to both the Wings and the center for increased goal-scoring opportunities. When you actually play this formation in game, and then you will see exactly how this system can be effective.

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